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V2 NS Small 60W laser Gold Jewellery Welding Machine Multi Function Water Cooling Сварка золотых ювелирных изделий

V2 MINI Jewelry laser welding machine weld gold 60w small Laser Welders CE

V2 MINI Jewelry laser welding machine weld gold 60w small Laser Welders CE

Jewelry laser welder is mainly used in perforating and spot welding of white gold, platinum, carbon steel. The spot welding process is thermal conduction, i.e. the laser radiation heats the surface of work piece, and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the work piece by controlling the width, energy, peak power and repeating frequency of laser pulse to form specific molten pool.

1. Compact design, saving space in the workshop or studio, and convenient transportation.
2. The microscope is displayed synchronously with the CCD, which is very convenient for observation.
3. The core components of the machine IGBT are imported from Germany.
4. The microscope adopts the best brand in China, which is 1.5 times the cost of other ordinary microscopes.
5. Automatic pumping, one-button operation, plug in the tube, enter the password, automatically add water.
6. Air cooling reduces heat and maintenance costs.
7.Color touch screen, friendly human-computer interface.

1. Suitable for laser welding of gold and silver jewelry, laser welding of stainless steel jewelry, manual laser welding of fine metal parts.
2. Jewelry, dentures, glasses and laboratories, dedicated spot welders.
Technology parameter:

Input voltage AC220V±10% 50Hz
Laser frequency 1.0-15Hz
Pulse Width 0.1-10ms
Spot adjustment range ±3.0mm
Maximum laser power 60W
Machine power consumption ≤2KW
Aiming and positioning Microscope and CCD
Ambient temperature ≤30℃
Cooling method Water cooling
Operation method Touch control
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Display touch screen size 7 inch
Language Support English, Korean, Turkish, Arabic
Machine size & Net weight 510*295*395mm, 28Kg
Packing size & Gross weight 640*520*500mm, 40Kg

We are manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machine with 12 years of production experience.We offer complete machine solution,also provide laser source,CNC controller ,laserhead, water chiller,servo,custom made machine table,training and service,etc. one-stop solution!

Our core advantages:
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2) Usually have 50 units of laser marking machine(Fiber, CO2, UV, Mopa) in stock, lead time 3-5 days.
3) Fiber Laser cutting machine, (1000W-20,000W laser cutter), usually sell 50 units/month in China.

We are looking for distributor. Price is more competitive.

We have 250MB videos and manual reference, if you want, we can send you for free, please leave message.