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Stable 400W Mould laser Welding Machine Multifunctional Mold Repair Welder Сварщик для ремонта плесени

Mold laser welding machine 400W mould Laser Welders CE dapenglaser

Mold laser welding machine 400W mould Laser Welders CE dapenglaser


1. Processing speed is fast;

2. Small thermal deformation and heat affected zone (suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, special materials)

3. Local heat treatment of the parts;

4. It can process complex shapes of parts and small parts, and can also process in vacuum;

5. No noise, no pollution to the environment;

6. Combine with computer technology to facilitate automation;

7. Improved existing product structure and materials due to advanced processing methods

8. Can improve the quality of the workpiece.

9. No pre-heat treatment is required, and the workpiece will not anneal after welding;

10. Deformation-free collapse;

11. No pores and trachoma;

12. Can be used for cracks, collapses, corners, sand holes and repairs after use of the mold;

13. Different hardness hardness materials (such as: HRC60) can be obtained by using materials with different hardnesses. The toughness of the cold die and the cutting edge of the cutter can also be repaired, which eliminates the complicated preheating and heat preservation processes of ordinary argon welding.

Mold industry

1. Injection mold 2, stamping die 3 die-casting die 4 rubber die 5 copper alloy die

Foundry industry

This welder also has a good performance in casting defects. Quick and precise repair of the pores, slag holes, shrinkage holes, etc. during the casting process.

It has excellent repair effect on defects such as ductile iron, gray iron and stainless steel, and has fast welding repair speed, no color difference or small color difference after welding, and is suitable for the production of factory scale.

Various workpiece parts repair industry

This machine can perfectly repair shafts, teeth and other workpieces.

Technology parameters

Model DPH-200 DPH-400
Maximum laser power 200W 400W
Welding depth 0.1-1.5mm 0.1-2.5mm
Welding wire


(0.6mm weld slower, 0.8mm can’t use)

0.4mm, 0.6mm

(0.8mm weld slower)

Power requirement 220V 380V
Pulse frequency 1-20Hz
Rated Power 10KW
Laser work material Nd:YAG
Focus lens 100-150mm
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Minimum spot size 0.2mm
Pulse width 0.1-20ms
Observation system Cross microscope
Cooling mode Water cooling
Working table 400×300mm
Movement workbench XY Manual, Z electric lift 300*200*300mm
Frame Aluminum alloy
Dimension Machine: 150*60*118cm Chiller:60*46*85cm
Consumables Xenon lamp, protective lens (Recommend buy two more units)

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